Hanging on to Jesus through Pain

This dear brother passed away a month ago. His final thoughts on pain and faith are worth pondering. Looking forward to see him in that glorious morning of resurrection. RIP Daniel!


Again I made a promise to write, this time it was when God gave me strength and the words. I have now been in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit for 27 days. 8 days pre transplant, transplant (stem cell infusion as illustrated in picture above. Stem cells are orange ish in colour, recipient is in blue) on 6th December 2014 and 18 days post-transplant. Much as 6th December is considered the transplant day bone marrow transplant is a process rather than a procedure. The bone marrow transplant process is much longer than that. As this is not my main reason for this post I highly recommend you Google the process or hit on this link: Bone marrow transplant – How it is performed that I thought gave a good summary of how a transplant is performed.

I thank God the stem cell infusion went well. It took about…

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