L for Leukemia, R for Relapse, W for Why?


“Even without doing a bone marrow examination or any further tests, your blood reports and other clinical findings clearly show that the Leukemia has relapsed.” Those were my doctor’s words as he confirmed what we had all been fearing. Straight to the point, no beating around the bush. After around seven months of being in remission, the leukemia was back.

It all started with a  fever and some chest pains on my sternum area some time in mid July. Antibiotics and pain killers weren’t of much help and in two weeks my blood counts, especially platelet counts, started falling rapidly. By mid August I needed blood and platelet transfusions to get by. Severe bone pains especially on my rib cage and thigh bones set in and at one point I got to interact with increasing doses of morphine for some days.

Morphine, when necessary, is a good drug. It was…

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