Revolutions: sign posts of God

These days revolutions have become Just something like ‘fast food’.They are instatntly ignited. As we have seen the Arab world is being swept of it feets by these revolution.As far as my obseravation is concerned this revolutions lack vision.They are united because they have an enemey.Basically as we know it from experience enemy unites.
But the there is a different revolution that need to be on our agenda that is that of Jesus. a revolution that strech itself to reach all people to bring them to the ‘God of our salvation’.God is working through these mini revolution to speak to the world. This are just an indicators sign posts of the Jesus revolution. That revolution will remove all injustice,wipe out tears, destroy death and suffering. Then God will dwell among his people. That is a vision that should drive as as we partake in this imperfect mini revolutions.


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