Kind words …on my translation Ministry

Frineds ,

I had this cherishing comments from friends in the kingdom.It will be such a waste not to share it with you:

 Our new translator plans to pursue a Masters degree at the Nazarene Theological institute in Nairobi, Kenya. He was an exceptional translator in the high class as Solomon. We were informed by our Amharic speaking brethren that he did it with extraordinary skill and a good command of the language as used the language as set forth in the Amharic translation of the Bible. This may not be the last time we will be knocking on his door for this service. http://www.psalmtwotwelve.com/


Abinet, a final year student at the Evangelical Theological College of Ethiopia who, like Solomon, proved more than equal to the task. http://www.isaacmakashinyi.org/

This comments were humbling to me. 

May all the glory be to God.


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